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March 8th marks women’s day all over the world. All women are called to celebrate the milestones we have made through the years. And even though we are still a long way to achieving our position as the cats of the world, we must celebrate because its not as bad as it was before. Not that it can’t better.

Take a moment to appreciate the feminists who came before us. The women who valiantly fought for me and you to go to school, to work, to vote and now, those of us that fight sexual harassment in the workplace, sexual violence, equal pay among others. We will return to the matriarchy.

And on 9th March, women in film in Kenya gathered in Nairobi to celebrate the milestones we have made in the film industry by awarding actresses who have shown exceptional excellence in coming alive in the make-believe arena. Gemini Spice Magazine was there to record to this for you.

Come alive we did. Not only in the regalia we adorned and the diamonds we showcased, but also the in the sisterhood we showed in bringing women together and documenting our achievement. That said, here are the glorious moments we witnessed in the third edition of the Women in Film Awards.

“There’s a need for a festival that affords women filmmakers of any background the chance to be showcased in a truly empowering light.” Dr. Susan Gitimu

Jackie Matubia Won Best Actress in A TV Drama for her role as Nana in Zora. ” I have waited for this for 13 years.”
Katherine Kamau ‘Kate Actress’ Won Best Actress in A Film
Angel Atieno won best actress in the kids category
Catherine Wamuyu won best producer for her many films including Tahidi High & Mother-In-Law

Other amazing moments include

For more info on how this night went, visit Women In Film IG.

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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