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Because it’s the only real thing you’ll ever feel.

We all need something that only we can touch, something that is only ours and ours alone.

The world has materialized so much that you can’t have that one thing that belongs only to you.

But pain is unique.

You know that even though someone has gone through a similar problem, yours felt different, it was yours only, and you felt it differently.

I know you might feel like you are always second guessing yours dreams and who you are as a person;

sometimes you feel as if no one gets you, that they are always judging you,

talking shit about you, waiting for you to fall, laughing at your back,

taking you for a ride but baby its only for a night that they get to play your mind.

The sun has a powerful effect on us. It rises every day in the east and sets in the west.

For some this is just a protocol like the next exam.

But have you ever thought of its power; how it heals our souls?

How it shines upon the flowers that were destroyed by last night’s rain, how those petals just blossom at the mighty touch of a ray?

Allow the hurt in tonight for tomorrow you will heal, those tears will be dried and you will see those beautiful children playing under the sun.
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By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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