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Nobody will probably pay attention to this but I’ll write it anyway.
Before recently, I had no knowledge whatsoever on Who I was or what my history was as a person.,.
I was living my life to get by, and I was more concerned with the Lgbtqia plus community more than I was concerned with anything else.
Then I met someone who started talking about things who’s existence I had never encountered,
At the exact time that I met this person was the time I started bumping into very interesting stuffs and people that were all about Africa online and offline!
It’s almost like these things and people spoke the same language that I had never heard of but for some weird reason I understood.
For two months or more, I said nothing online or offline, instead I started reading to find the roots of the truths these people spoke of… and I did.
The deeper I dug,The more intriguing it got.
And somehow I was able to recognize people who spoke this same language from the way they talk, the way they dress and the way they look at things.
I suddenly was aware of stuff.
I was awakened.
I used to be one person who, having pursued a bachelors degree in Microbiology and Biotechnology, was biologically convinced that men and women weren’t equal at all and they could never be by logic till I read about women like Amina, Mekatilili, Muthoni, Nana, Queen Nzenga and etc!
I used to think, without 844 education you’re nothing till I read about the successful inventions or Oromo people, Bunyoro people, Shona People, Yoruba people, Nilo Saharans, Ishango people and The great Kemetic civilization, then I realized these people didn’t even know shit about 844 yet they birthed some of the greatest inventions on this planet!
I read books and articles that talked of how ancient Africa used to be a Matriarchal society!
But when we talk about Matriarchy, Men immediately get threatened that women want to make them what they made us, just like white people always think that if they give blacks equality then we will make them slaves like they did us, but that’s never accurate!
Africa as a Matriarchal society was kind to all its natives, women were praised as the portal of life and that’s where “they are our sons, brothers and fathers came into play”
Both genders were equal and roles were only divided according to age!
Women are generally emotional beings
They care
They nurture
They coach
They carry life
They bring to life
And therefore a Matriarchal society never meant exploitation of men but rather all genders living under one umbrella of a caring mother.
It was until religion was introduced that later brought in gender discourses and women were the most affected, men too were affected by being given more responsibilities and roles, but women were literally placed at the lowest hierarchy followed by men then white men.
It distracted a lot of set up in Africa!
This is when things like female genital mutilation begun in order to stop women from enjoying sex and forcefully stay faithful to their masters.
Women could no longer own property instead they became the properties that men owned,
Women couldn’t be anything in the society, they were disrespected and all rights taken away.
They got branded as weaklings and sex objects and this is what spearheaded the first wave of feminism.
African women started fighting patriarchy long before Black people even begun fighting racism.
But today I see how most women fight other women in defense of patriarchy!
Saying Patriarchy affects men more than women is like saying Racism affect white people more than it does black people!
Everyone uses a part of their body to survive.
Some use the brain, others use their legs, some their voices, others their hands, others their bodies, others their hairs but people only have a problem when someone uses their Vagina?
Men Whore too but no one wants to talk about it!
Who gave that order that everyone should use their brains only to survive? The brain is just a back up tool, everyone needs it to boost their talent! No one uses their brains exclusively to survive, it’s not possible, However smart you are, you’ll need your hands, eyes, mouth, body and even vagina!
What happened to the power of choice?
Why would anyone care about what others do to get out of strife unless you tried it yourself and got defeated!
Why do we want to establish a system where everyone uses the same means to Survive when we’re way past the hunting and gathering era?
Lastly a woman’s vagina is a portal of life!
Heads pass through it to get to earth!
It is something that needs to be totally respected and our ancestors knew this!
Anyone that disrespects the vagina is not worthy of any respect from anyone Because they are disrespecting the portal you used to get to this planet!
It’s sad to see fellow women degrade that which they too have in quest to defend men whose heads also passed through this same portal to get to this planet!
What exactly are we fighting for?

By Taabu

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