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And Us Women Are Powerhouses.

Khanyi Mbau from Young, African and Famous

Woohoo!! Finally, Netflix dropped the first ever African Flex. Drum rolls please… Featuring some of Africa’s best entertainers, nous vous presentons, Young, Famous and African.

“We are African all-stars. Its glitz, glamour, and just a touch of… Sex.” (There wasn’t any sex at all.)

Introducing the Young, Famous and African Cast-

Why wasn’t there a Kenyan? You ask. Turns out our Keroche Breweries Heiress turned down the request or did she?

Lets Get To It

Young, Famous and African depicts an Africa that is diva-esque and luxurious, which is a breath of fresh air from the poverty-stricken image mainstream media loves to use to portray as the face of Africa.  Africa-1, Imperialism-0. Is it though??

Of course there are many who have termed this is vain, vague and irrelevant – shade that poor people will always throw at those who have changed the narrative.

Young, Famous and African
We are born-African All-Stars. They are Young, Famous and African.

The show felt scripted, but which ‘reality’ show isn’t? We got the slow-motioned power walks, cat fights, lots of shade, lots of familiar faces, the drama, and the drip. The driiip… And it worked! The show has been trending on social media since it came out, and fan’s can’t wait for the next season.

First of all, a round of applause for how confident, upfront and assertive all the women on the show are. Completely unapologetic with their drip and their tongue, and I love to see it.

It sucks that everyone ganged up against Zari the Bosslady for telling the truth and no one ganged up against 2baba (Innocent my ass) for putting Annie through hell. Well, she also didnt defend herself so… 

Zari The Boss Lady

Stayed stunning, kept it classy the entire show and was quick with the comebacks. All she had to do was breathe, and her presence would upset someone. Although, I must admit it was shady for Zari to call Annie insecure in front of her husband, THE husband that caused Annie’s insecurities in the first place.

Khanyi Mbau

Quite the character, unapologetically bold, direct, funny, petty and the group’s gossip. She’s very controversial as well, both with her freestyle parenting and the way she switched up on Zari on the show. Naked brings out her other side.

Anne Macaulay Idiba

The definition of a man’s doormat or as African men like to call it, ride or die (He rides her brains till she dies.ah!). She loves deeply. She’s also very insecure (according to Zari and me). Unlike Khanyi, she’s more hands-on with her parenting. But she’s also very shady and will hold a grudge. Annie started the show by saying she was there (South Africa) to create a brand for herself, but we saw nothing to that effect. No business meetings, or sneak peaks of projects she was working on. Which makes me wonder if it’s her acting on the show that we’re to go with. Nada. 

Diamond Platnumz

Kiingereza ilikuja na meli

but which muzungu can belt out the kiswahili he does? huh?

and clearly Diamond Platnumz missed that train.

I am 31st


And he repeated it. Confidently. Funny enough, he wasn’t present for the luxury train. Talk of synchronicity. He then said he was untying his button.

Jokes aside, he’s also a father of maybe 5 or 6. When referencing his pursuit of Nadia Nakai, he describes himself as a lion because he likes to hunt. He also describes himself as a player 🥲 Although, he did have a vulnerable moment on the show and admitted to feeling undeserving of his baby mama, Zari the Bosslady. 

Nadia Nakai

Hilarious! and I love that she didn’t limit herself when it came to dating. We also see that she takes her friendships seriously, and if you’re beefing with her people, then you’re beefing with her. Funny, most of her beefs were founded through gossip from Khanyi and not her own experience. And of course, she hated Zari right from the Arabian night.  Moreover, she gave us a vulnerable moment, and voiced that her tendency to find men to be disposable is a reproduction of her childhood trauma.

Naked DJ came off as detached initially, but as the show progresses he turns out to be the most mature. Actually, I take that back 😂 He did attack Khanyi when she tried to help him out with his relationship issues. His girlfriend describes him as unromantic. And throughout the show he went on to prove her right. And just like Annie Macaulay Idiba, he will hold a grudge. He literally went from seeing his girlfriend almost every day of the week to not speaking to her for nearly 9 days.

Kayleigh Schwark

Stays seemingly unproblematic throughout the entire show. She doesn’t ruffle any feathers. Her only grievance is her unromantic boyfriend, and the communication issues within their relationship. She sided with Zari blah blah blah.

Swanky Jerry

THE fashionista. He didn’t come to play, he came to slay. He’s also Anne Macaulay Idiba’s best friend, and he did try to squash her beef with Zari. That was some ugly scene. 

Andile Ncube is a flirt. He stayed flirting with Zari the Bosslady the entire show despite being warned against it by everyone else. Ironically, he advised Nadia Nakai against dating Diamond Platnumz because of the seemingly palpable chemistry Diamond still has with Zari. Blah Blah who cares.

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I quite enjoyed the show. Its been a long time since I sat down, watched and enjoyed a show, filled with black people in luxury. Young, Famous and African did it for me. Lemme know what you thought about it in the comment section below.

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  1. Wow, I enjoyed reading this piece. I was not very keen about the show but now, I can’t wait to watch it

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