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first things first. it’s beautiful the superhighway. Thank God for the government of China which lend us their people to build us monuments, now all our dogs are missing. so cars that you never take if your intention is getting to Tao express. Nissans. these things don’t acknowledge the superhighway. they like the backward way of life. so if you ever hear something like… “Nairobi githurai ” don’t even think about it swee. you will arrive in Tao after 1hour tops. you know if the car even passes kahawa sukari without entering the superhighway, well you know the drill. roysa is the just the worst place. you might get transferred to another car while the conductor gives you 20/ only to find out the car is more expensive. there’s also the fear of theft in githurai. where am from they say… “if you haven’t lost a phone in githurai then you haven’t lost a phone yet.. ” so you always have to hold your bag tight if the car you are in makes the slightest signal that it will enter githurai. most buses use the superhighway and you are assured of getting to Tao in 20mins unless you get jam. oooh and don’t we hate jam. I love weekends coz you will never get jam no matter what time you leave the house. week days are nightmares. first the people who leave the house at 7 and 8 will meet at the same jam in muthaiga or worse at roasters. these days ngara isn’t much of a hustle thanks to GOK… well now there is a garage where we used to buy good, classy, cheap clothes. I am not happy about that. traffic police. don’t I just hate them. when they stop your car and maybe they follow the law or worse if the driver is new on the road you will seat there arguing about the invalidity of a valid insurance. if you use the superhighway you are assured of alighting at commercial. I mean who goes to bus station? maybe Eddie A.

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By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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