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I will tell you the story of a people robbed and enslaved.

I will tell you the story of the people of Abyssinia and how the Martians changed their destiny forever.

The Abyssinians lived a simple and spiritual life. They occupied a land shaped like a heart. A vast land filled with gold, milk and honey dripping from snow-capped highlands.

A land with many rivers flowing through the valleys the plains into the mass surrounded by a large ocean. Black African mermaids bathed with no fear in the river, the African sun blessing their dark bodies and filling their hairs with glory.

Gold suffocated Abyssinia. It flowed like the rivers did.

Women showed off their breasts with pride and beauty. And the men loved and respected them. They were the source of Abyssinia, the river that gave and healed, their source of life and their unity.

The river never dried up. She carried along with her the songs and culture of the community. She dictated their life, her current like the heartbeat of Abyssinia.

The women and men of Abyssinia worshiped in their day to day life, respecting life and paying homage to nature…

One day I will tell you about Abyssinia.

Photocredit: Pinterest

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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