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Can you see the sadness behind her smile?
Can you hear the pain in her laugh?
Can you feel the resentment behind the “I love You’s”?
Because I do.

She talks about you, you know
In your absence, she says things about you
She tries to smile but it’s empty
Void of pleasure
She tries to say sweet things but I can hear it
The resentment in her tone
Yet you sit here, on your storey horse
With your coarse hands on her thigh
You look at me, threat in your eyes
When you should look into hers and see what lies,
There’s no you in the reflection of her mirrors
How sad.

Can you see the discomfort your presence causes her?
Can you hear the cry for help in her silence?
Can you feel the rift when you embrace her?
Because I do.

I wish I could tell her, confirm her fears
Give her a reason, proof
I know she’d believe me, suspicion is in the air
How did you get here?
From love to loath
From nights of pleasure to desperate seeking of escape
You were her joy
But now, she cries alone in the shower
Wishing she could wash it away,
Wish it away.
Yet you sit here hiding the monsters behind a smile, perfectly crafted
The demons reach out through your eyes,
Seeking escape, and she sees it too
How sad.

Can you hear those words? Words that took years to be said.
Can you feel the rejection? You should.
Can you see her back as she walks away from you?
Cause I can.

You think she didn’t but she saw through your lies,
She felt another woman’s skin on the prints of your fingers,
She smelt her on your neck when you forced her to hug you
She saw her in your eyes when you were trying to imprint yourself in hers
But she’s had enough.
I see you acting umbothered, unfazed
But your eyes betray you
The twitch of your thumb betrays you
The clenching of your Jaws and the rhythm of your breath
How sad.

She might allow you to visit the kids,
She might stand sitting next to you in the PTAs
But if it were up to me, well,,
She might welcome you to her new home
She might even invite you to her wedding
Our wedding.

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