I Am Not Sure What To Call This
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Its 3am in the morning
I can’t sleep
My mind can’t let me
The chaos,the memories unfolding

Floating in this flood
Yearns to eat me alive
They said, “if you pray this will go away”
Do you think I want this?
my best efforts to explain fall on deaf ears

The pillow knows my tears
All I know is that I don’t want to be this way
I want to be happy, depression won’t let me
I am strong but not strong
The self loathing is in bulk
Suffocating in my mind

Every aspect in my life is affected
It feels like a fabrication
Unequivocally crap
Like a snake looping
Monitoring my heart
To ascertain the kill
Where is my light ?

Mental illness is real
The one who lost a job
The one who lost a friend
The one who drinks alcohol too much
The one who was bullied
The one who got rejected
Wake up and fight
Listen to those silent cries.

By Cate Alaso

Radical Feminist

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