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A new word that has lit a fire up the internet’s ass and that people are running to the ground is : narcissism. A lot of people throw that word around carelessly and often use it interchangeably with words like selfish.

However, I’m here to inform those who didn’t already know. Narcissism is as synonymous with self-centeredness as a zebra is a striped donkey. As opposed to these words, narcissism isn’t a characteristic…it’s a personality disorder that is characterized by these traits; Narcissistic Personality Disorder. That being said, today we’re gonna talk about the 7 types of narcissism.

1.Vulnerable narcissism aka victims 

You know that one person in your life who’s life is ALWAYS in shambles? Every time you talk they tell you about how they were in the pits of hell being personally tortured by Lucifer and Michael Jackson. They may be vulnerable narcissists. This group is often categorised by people who are out to gain sympathy and attention by feigning suffering and difficulty. It seems like their entire personality is how much they are suffering and struggling. There is nothing more to them except how they are trying to endure. They bring up woiye woiye stories every. damn. time in order to make themselves the center of attention. 

2.Covert narcissism aka closet narcissism

Not a far cry from the first group of these people to use guilt tripping as a powerful tool in their arsenal of centering themselves. Contrary to vulnerable narcissists, covert narcissists are often harder to detect. They are very manipulative and very skillful at remaining undetected. These Narcissists still believe they are better than everyone else, but will not display it loudly. They are hypersensitive and react horribly to criticism. Oftenly, they use manipulative tactics such as passive aggressiveness to get what  they want…and after they do, they’ll reward you with the likes of gifts or compliments so you don’t notice that your strings were pulled. Stealthier than a drunk teenager trying to sneak past their parents. 

3.Overt narcissism 

The complete opposite of covert narcissists are overt narcissists. These ones are as loud and is open in the narcissistic ways as the former are closeted. Most of the “alpha males” hell bent on ruining podcasts for the rest of humanity, could potentially fall on this list. Overt narcissists display extremely high amounts of attention seeking and may indeed become aggressive when a person challenges their spotlight. They will often monopolise conversations and refuse to accept interjection…yeah, i know, sounds like every other dad. 

Narcissists leave you feeling empty

4.Seductive narcissism

Let me just preface this by saying that if someone seems too good to be true, honey, they probably are. Often characterised as the epitome of charm, seductive narcissists appeal to the part of us that loves to be appreciated. They will shower you with admiration and compliments until you believe you are nothing less than an Olympian god. But beware, they only make you feel good about yourself to further their own agendas. They will worship the ground you walk on so long as it continues to serve their course. As soon as their personal motives are met, they’ll drop you like a  hot potato. 

5.Somatic narcissism

Do you generally just like looking good or are you a somatic narcissist? Here is what draws the line between the two. As an ordinary functioning member of society, it is necessary to care about your physical appearance and how you’re presented to the world. What separates us from somatic narcissists is that they go beyond just caring about how they look. They make their looks the entire personality and constantly obsess over them.

Somatic Narcissists will work incredibly hard to make their bodies appealing not only to themselves but to the rest of the world. It may include going to the lung such as getting cosmetic surgery. While caring about your looks is not necessarily a bad thing, the thing about somatic narcissists is that they then hold others to these absurd standards that they have set for themselves. They expect to be put on a pedestal for their physical appearance alone. Anyone who does not meet their standards does not deserve basic human decency.

6.Malignant narcissism

Perhaps the most dangerous type of narcissist is this narcissist. Often categorised by their inability to feel any empathy it makes them quite wrapped up in their own world. Nothing seems to shake this person. They would probably have no problem murdering 12 orphaned, cancer-ridden children and their puppies if it meant getting what they wanted. Malignant Narcissists tend to be quite dehumanizing and go out of their way to make you feel significantly less than them. They are also antisocial and tend to exhibit hostility as well as paranoia. A great example with who is believed to be a malignant narcissist would be Adolf Hitler. 

7.Sexual narcissism

PS not to be confused with seductive narcissism. Much like chihuahuas who are all bark and no bite. Sexual narcissists will “I want to put you in 7 positions in 70 minutes” to death. They often have an over inflated sense of their own sexual prowess and will rant and rave about it until they’re blue in the face. But when it actually comes down to it, their performance will be unsatisfactory at best, and painfully embarrassing at worst. They do not care to satiate or make  their partners comfortable…as long as they can cope a bust…you can go fuck yourself ( no, literally). And even after a disappointing performance they will continue to beat their chests about their prowess. 

While not all types of narcissism are able to be recognized upfront, some of them are as in-your-face as Nicki Minaj’s boobs at the Met gala. Be mindful and watchful for any narcissistic traits in all your relationships. Be on the lookout from your romantic relationships ,to your familial relationships to your friendships… and if you see any of these signs repeatedly try to steer clear of the person for your own mental well-being. 

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