12 General Feminine Hygiene Tips Every Woman Should Know
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Feminine hygiene is somehow still a taboo subject in Africa. Unfortunatlely, most African girls do not grow up with feminine figures who teach them about feminine hygiene tips.

A grown up woman who loudly and proudly uses the words vagina, yoni, vaginal fluids, periods and others was not available. I also had to learn about my body by experimenting, failing, visiting the free clinic almost every week so I could understand these things. And I am open to continue learning.

To understand our feminine mystique, we will expound on these 12 general feminine hygiene tips that every woman should know when it comes to taking care of their feminine health and hygiene. Always remember to consult a gynecologist when the need arises or when in doubt.

  • Do that Yoga
  • Treat your body like a Temple
  • Shave and Wax
  • Choose the right Wears 
  • Maintain a good Diet  
  • Get Feminine Products
  • Track your Cycle
  • Reduce period cramps
  • Have a Gynecologist 
  • Have the right Birth Control knowledge 
  • Practice safe Sex 
  • Prevent infections 


Girl, exercise! Move your body. Don’t stay in that house sleeping on that couch, watching life through your window. Get up early, and take that 2km jog. Jump around so your body becomes easy to move. Then stretch, streeetch baby girl.

Exercise does to the body and brain what books do to the brain. Things like Yoga improve your feminine psyche and reduces the intensity of your period cramps. Let your body do that yoga!


Your body is the temple where your soul and feminine mystique lives and thrives.

For the next 21 days, practice this 30 mins to 1 hour showering and pampering routine

  • Commit to a daily 30 mins to 1 hour pampering routine
  • Invest in bath salts, mints, rosemary, lavender and any other herbs that turn you on. Soak your body in these herbs for they have benefits that we have listed in this article linked here.
  • Instead of scrubbing in a rush, sponge and rub love onto your body, slowly, listening to music that taps into your femininity. I recommend India Arie, FKA Twigs, Janelle Monae. Comment below who does that to you.
  • Instead of rubbing a towel on your face, use a soft cotton fabric to dry your face. Better yet, leave your face wet and wait for nature to take her course.
  • Dry your body with a soft towel or better yet, a cotton fabric. Have separate cotton fabrics for your face, vulva and legs. You feel me?
  • Take your sweet time to oil your body. Listen to how your body reacts to your ointments. Massage your body as well. Recite those sweet affirmation as you watch yourself transform in front of the mirror. Mmmh, yes!

In that same spirit of keeping your temple clean, ensure that any human being who touches you is always clean.

Ensure they wash their hands before they put them in you.

Better yet, ensure you always carry wet wipes in your bag, in case it happens in a bathroom stall. I do not encourage it.

Always wipe from front to back. I don’t know how many times I must say this. It will spare your from any bacterial or fungal infections.

Vagina is actually a self-cleaning organ and using unnecessary cleaning products like douches can be counterproductive. Buy baby cloth and unscented soap like dove and make sure you clean the outside, never the inside, which is the vulva that includes the inner and outer vaginal lips and the clitoris.

Avoid dirty bathrooms, scented soaps and lotions. They can cause yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

Exfoliate at least weekly and put on clean clothes after the shower. Make sure to dry your towels or wash and replace them after every shower.

Clean your sex toys and menstrual cups and put them in a clean space. 


Shaving is recommended to discourage itching and the growth of lice. I know you are thinking, but it gets so itchy when I shave. Have you tried shaving in just one direction? Yeap! That’s why you are punching your bikini line every 5 minutes girl.

If you find shaving such a hustle, girl switch to waxing. Its expensive and painful (just a bit like a tatoo) but it will give you thaat desired effect. Also your armpits and bikini line stop darkening when you switch to waxing. Woohoo!

Imagine having that confidence! Even when you adorn your lingerie and tell that boy to go down. Girl, he will be kneeling to eat your pussy. Vrum! Vrum!

After waxing tips include, not wearing skinny jeans, put on cotton underwear, avoid hot showers, swimming and sexual activity for 24 hours. Physical exercise is also recommended after 6–12 hours. 


The best way to boost your confidence is to maintain a healthy vagina. Pick cotton underwear over silk, satin, or lace since they absorb moisture.

Stop wearing your bras to sleep.

Thongs are sexy, but invest in some granny pants too.

Make sure your underwear is dry. Moisture causes vaginal infections.

When home alone or when sleeping, take off your underwear. It’s really important for the vagina to breathe. Wearing an oversized t-shirt or shorts is recommended instead.


You are what you eat. Vagina has its own natural smell. It does its own cleaning and the type of discharge it produces tells a lot about your body.

Eat healthy foods, eat vegetables, salads and lottas fruits. See more on this video.

Yogurt helps the vagina produce a natural, healthy smell. Your urine should be clear, so make sure you drink a lot of water.

Take prebiotic pills and drink pineapple, ACV, and cranberry juice daily. Consume healthy foods always, and avoid sugary, salty, and spicy foods. 

Sugary drinks can affect the bacterial balance of your vagina, and so can being dehydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water to give your body a boost when it comes to flushing out toxins and keeping your vagina clean and healthy. A healthy vagina boosts your confidence.


Taking care of the vagina is a full time job. 

Menstrual hygiene  and affordable sanitary products is the first step for good feminine hygiene.

When using the bathroom, tissue paper doesn’t always cut it. Make sure you use feminine or baby wipes always.

Avoid using scented wipes or soaps to wash the vagina; they cause infections and kill the good bacteria. A moisturizer like coconut oil for shaving is very important.

Take care of your vibrators, sex toys, or razors by cleaning them and keeping them in a clean space. 

Buy pads, panty liners, menstrual cups, and tampons. Stock them before your period. Organic products are best since they won’t cause skin irritation. They won’t throw off your PH balance, and they are not prone to infections.

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Make sure you track your cycle with an app like flo or clue. Have a routine for periods like showers and meals.

Some people experience period cramps, others don’t.

Stock your feminine products like panty liners, tampons, menstrual cups, and pads before your period to avoid emergencies.

Check for any inconsistencies in your vaginal fluids. Always interact with your vagina. Use a mirror to look at her so you can notice when anything changes.

During periods, your diet might change. Most importantly, drink a lot of water throughout and avoid sugary, spicy, and salty foods.

It’s recommended to not sleep with tampons, but rather maxi pads and Change your pads after 8 hours, tampons after 4 hours, and 12 hours for menstrual cups.

When sanitary napkins or tampons are not changed for a long time, it can lead to skin rashes and bad odor. In certain cases, it can put you at risk of infection. 

If you are a menstrual cup girl, ensure you boil your cups after every menstruation.


According to Grace Nasike a reproductive health expert, some pains are early signs of fibroids and endometriosis. 

“Severe period pains are not normal” BBC tweeted.Talk to your gynecologist and find out what might be wrong. Have a shower routine, buy a hot water bottle, a period blanket, drink a lot of water, and take prescribed painkillers, preferably ibuprofen. 

Avoid stressing at work or school and talk to your supervisors; they will understand. 

For more comfort, have snacks such as dark chocolate, cinnamon tea, salmon, and pineapple, which are great for cramps. 


Most of us ignore the fact that gynecologists are the most important doctors every woman should have access to, and a good one at that.

Invest in one and go to it on a regular basis.Talk to them and remember, if you’re not 100% open to them, they can’t help you. 

Present every doubt to them, and they should understand you and be able to help you. 

Everybody is different, so discuss topics like periods, sex, and birth control with your gynaecologist and don’t always take every piece of advice from the Internet.


Feminine Hygiene Tip no.10 is to have the right birth control knowledge.

They are of different types, from condoms to IUS, injections, pills, and even abstinence. Consult your gynecologist for guidance on which option is best for you.

Some of the effects caused include a dry vagina, nausea, and even massive weight gain. Remember, antibiotics stop birth control from working.


Practice safe sex. Know everything there is to know about sex, from consent to pregnancy is an critical step to understanding feminine hygiene.

Being aware of the status of those you’re  involved with is necessary. Talk to a friend and, most importantly, a gynecologist. 

Always pee after sex and take a shower after consensual sex. Peeing cleans out any bacteria that may have migrated into the urethra during sex, which may help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTI). Take regular tests and make regular visits to your gynecologist. 

Unprotected sex carries the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, warts, syphilis, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 


They are unpredictable. Some are caused by a change in diet or even a change in sanitary pads. Infection signs should not be ignored, such as itching, funky odor, and even skin irritation. Do regular checkups and visits to your gynecologist and make sure you’re open about how you feel. 

Change your diet, preferably, to more organic foods. Drink a lot of water and practice safe sex. 

Dr. Abbey on Twitter shared that taking probiotics found in yogurt and eating healthy helps in maintaining a healthy vagina.

Using protection such as condoms every time you have sex is one of the most effective ways to prevent STIs, vaginal infections, and even  unwanted pregnancies. 

And baby girl, use lube. Don’t be the “weka mate iteleze” girls. Invest in lube. Lube reduces friction and increase comfort during sex. So its an actual slide and glide. Not a…. you know what. Enjoy sex!

Do you agree with our list? Is there anything we missed? Why don’t you leave us a comment and let us know.

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