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Since 2020 ’10 Ways to make money as a creative’ has been searched on google 1000 times every day and the trends keep rising as creatives worldwide look for a viable way to earn a living from doing what they love more. What’s more, with the rise of creative platforms all over the world, its this trend will keep rising.

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So, instead of sitting in your creative block, get out there and create something! There are so many ways to make money as a creative!

“It doesn’t have to be wonderful, it simply needs to be real,”

Elizabeth Gilbert would remark (and did).
10 Ways To Make As A Creative
It can be easier than you think to make money from your creative works. If there’s one thing the internet appreciates, it’s creativity.

There are numerous ways that creatives can make money. However, before you begin, you need to be prepared. Below we will review the steps given by For Creative Girls on ways to begin making money as a creative. 

Things that are really important when it comes to securing your first creative job are:-

  • Conducting enough research, 
  • Drafting your CV,
  • Developing your abilities, 
  • Establishing a rate card,
  • Joining a community, 
  • Networking, and so on.

Research is the first step in securing your first job in the creative business.

It is vital to collect necessary facts, observe the field’s job market, devise plans, investigate gaps, and provide solutions. “The basic goal of your work is to address an issue” as  Chris Kirubi would advice.That is where your market comes from.

You can never be too qualified.

The second step is to know a skill,

i.e. learn a skill or develop your skills. The goal is to impress clients or employers enough that they will trust a newcomer with whatever service you are doing. Skills can be considered as a long-term investment, and in order to remain valuable in your field, you must constantly acquire new knowledge.

The third step consists of creating a personal portfolio.

You must be able to demonstrate to employers that they can trust your service before you can get hired. This can be accomplished through volunteer work, employment pitches, starting a blog, asking for references, and so on. WordPress, Medium, LinkedIn, and other sites are examples of sites that can assist you with this.

The fourth phase entails creating your resume/cv, which is a sensitive and precise work.

A precaution to take before writing your resume is to study sample CVs (which are available online) or, better yet, meet with career pros who can train you or assist with your resume to ensure it is written flawlessly. However, if you decide to create your CV yourself (which is absolutely fine), consult online courses or study sample resumes. Be mindful of language and try not to leave out key elements that demonstrate your qualifications.Joan the career coach,Hadithi consulting or even grammarly can help with this.

The fifth step is to join a creative community, which will assist you in developing professional contacts as well as connecting you to a network of people in your field or the creative field.

Creating networks is essential since they can help you obtain your first job, collaborate with others, and even make a name for yourself. Look up for such groups in,UNESCO creative city network,creative society of Kenya etc.

The sixth step is to make a rate card, which allows you to indicate the quantity of services you offer as well as their costs.

Clients will be able to choose whether service is within their budget or which service they may demand from you as a result of this.

10 ways to make money as a creative

The seventh stage is to find a paying client;

this might be a simple or challenging operation, depending on whether or not you’ve completed any of the other steps. This stage can be time-consuming, especially since most creatives are vulnerable to being compensated with visibility or favors, which is absurd. Creatives ought to be compensated for their efforts; creative jobs are as necessary as “professional careers.

However, there are three methods to find your first paying client: in-person networking, referrals, and cold emailing.

In-Person Networking:

Think of this as stepping outside of your comfort zone because it requires a lot of networking, and congrats if you’re a social butterfly!

To be able to network is a skill in and of itself; you must teach yourself how to meet people, engage with them, and connect with them. “People are the cornerstone of any business.” as Chris Kirubi would say.

Introduce yourself as a professional, have your business cards ready, talk to more individuals, and follow up.


While having a professional network is crucial, don’t overlook the importance of utilizing existing networks such as friends, family, acquaintances, and so on. Notify them whenever you publish new work, email them your portfolio, and inquire if they have any openings for someone with your skillset. If not a group of clients, this may lead to your first paying job.

Cold Emails:

These are emails sent to strangers.It refers to the procedure of sending our portfolio to a number of possible clients or companies via email. If your portfolio is strong, it will catch their interest. Cold email examples can be found on the internet.

The final stage is to get your creative career started and make your money.

Yes! Finally, you are your own employer; however, stay alert and remember that being creative is a combination of many professions, including sales and marketing. So get ready for a wild journey!

Here are the 10 ways you can make money as a creative starting today

  • Start a blog
  • Sell your art online
  • Sell your creations online
  • Sell your photos
  • Start a clothing line
  • Become a social media influencer
  • Write an ebook
  • Teach an online course
  • Write custom songs

These are just a few examples.There are many other ways that one can make money as a creative.

10 ways to make money as a creative
10 ways to make money as a creative

1.Starting a blog is one of the 10 ways you can make money as a creative

Despite the fact that the Internet is crowded with blog postings, writing and selling from a blog is a great creative method to make money if you’re a strong writer with an interesting story to tell. Examples of blogging sites includes wordpress,wix weebly and many others

2. Sell your art online

There are creative methods to sell your visual art online, whether you’re a traditional painter or you design prints for people to hang around their homes to go with new furniture. Sell online on websites like Artsy,amazon,artfire etc.

3. Sell your creations online

Selling your crafts online is another innovative technique to make money.You may sell your items online in a variety of places, including marketplaces like jiji,jumia and individual web stores.

4. Sell your photos-

Are you always on Instagram sharing photo after photo and receiving hundreds of likes from strangers? So, perhaps it’s time to think about selling your images on the internet.

5. Start a clothing line-

Do you spend all of your time at thrift stores, looking for excellent discounts on clothing and then changing it at home or is it a print you invented? Clothes and shoes are really inventive ways to generate revenue.

6. Become a social media influencer

If you’re a natural on social media, always getting followers, and have the type of voice or eye that people are drawn toward, you should try becoming a social media influencer.

7. Write an ebook-

It’s a fantastic idea to create a book and then sell it online if you’re an expert on a topic you believe would sell, especially how-to books, or if you write in a popular genre, such as romance or sci-fi. Sell your ebooks on sites like Amazon kindle.

8. Teach an online course-

You’ll gain pupils if you have a relevant degree, teaching experience, or an Internet following as a result of your creative interests. You may always teach an online course to get some extra money, whether your abilities are in music, art, or writing poetry. There are websites like Udemy or even youtube.

9. Write custom songs-

If you’re a singer, this is not only a fun and creative way to make money, but it may also assist your career in the long term when you apply for song-writing gigs with marketing agencies or other kinds of media.You can get gigs on Upwork,twine among others.

The information provided above will get you started on how to make money as a creative. Remember that perseverance and consistency are essential. Your creative career is an adventure and an opportunity to follow your dreams. So, even if the results aren’t immediately remarkable, be patient and don’t sell yourself short in the meantime.

If one approach fails, try another. Now, go out there and achieve your greatest goals!

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