10 Signs He is Bread-Crumbing You
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Do you have a guy who constantly gives you mixed signals? One time you think you can see a future with him and at other times you don’t even know him or even if he is a relationship with you? Does he make a gesture just when you are about dump him and then when you are swimming in the love pool, he just ups and leaves? And now you are just confused? He might just be bread-crumbing you and in this article I will give 10 signs he is bread-crumbing and examples so you can be in the know.

Bread-crumbing defined by healthline is

Someone who breadcrumbs leads you on by dropping small morsels of interest — an occasional message, phone call, date plan, or social media interaction. These happen sporadically and usually don’t have any follow through.


Sounds familiar? You’ve probably been here but you didn’t know that its called bread-crumbing, aye?

Now that you know what Bread-crumbing is, here are 10 signs that guy whose been leading you on has simply been bread-crumbing you and you need to skip town sister!

Before we get to the 10 signs he is bread-crumbing you, this is the first article of our new column Stay Woke on relationship advice, we will be posting content every Sunday and will appreciate your view, like, shares and mostly comments. So make us smile and be a regular here. Now lets get to those 10 signs that he is without a doubt, bread-crumbing you.

1. They flirt with you, but are non-committal.

You’ll find that they comment on your recent posts with fire emojis or the likes,  text you privately to tell you how astonishingly beautiful you are and how much you’re their type…but never really have a conversation with you beyond your physical appearance. 

2.You never know where you stand with them.

It’s often said that “if he likes you, you’ll know…if you’re confused, he doesn’t”. Breadcrumbers spread confusion more than Zeus spread his seed in ancient Greece. Often leaving you uncertain about their true intentions for any possible future

3.They mention plans, but never really enact them.

This is the typical “we should go out on a date” person, but they never really come around to actually planning a date. It’s always the hypothetical “should” …without the practical “when”.

10 signs he is bread-crumbing you

4. Lots of waiting!

If you’re being breadcrumbed, you often do a lot of waiting. Waiting for them to text back, waiting for them to call, waiting for them to invite you on a date, waiting for them to initiate contact. Atp you’re an honorary christian, waiting for the second coming of the Messiah.

5. Emotional inconsistency.

Among the 10 signs he is bread-crumbing is emotional inconsistency. You’ll find that you never really know where you stand with them or how they truly feel about you. One day you’re utterly convinced they’re into you and on cloud nine about it, and the next you’re questioning if they even like you and your bubble of bliss is popped.

6. Out of sight, out of mind!

When you’re with this person, they make you feel like you’re their entire world….but the second after you leave, it all goes cold and you realize you’re just a really tiny village with no water or electricity. 

7. Always too busy to respond.

Apparently, you’re involved with a neurosurgeon cum lawyer cum single dad of 7 who between his hectic jobs and raising his football team, has no free time whatsoever to get back to you or reach out. But then again, you never see the fruits of his labor. He just working… working… and working baby.

8. Guilt tripping and gas-lighting.

Oftentimes in this situation when you try to talk about your feelings on the matter, you’ll hear “you’re overthinking it” …”it was just that one time, no big deal”… ” you’re putting too much pressure on me.” Or the amazing “you have too many expectations… I am not perfect… et.al

9. You’re always the one making future plans.

Always the hunter and never the hunted, you’re the one constantly initiating and scheduling meetups. Always the one asking “are you free for…?” 

10. The final sign of being bread-crumbed is that….YOU KNOW

At the end of the day, deep down, you are acutely aware that you’re being led on and that your energy is not being reciprocated…but you continue the cycle nonetheless.

I know when you started getting into relationships you thought they were going to be classic Romeo and Juliet (though they died stupidly) or a replay of the many soap operas you watched while growing up. You prolly thought it would be him and you, against the world, his evil mother and ex-girlfriend who wont quit on him. You didn’t know that most challenges would come from him but that’s why I am here to keep you woke so you may love with eyes open.

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