10 Online Job Sites In Kenya  
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Are you currently looking for a job? If you are, you should definitely look out for this top 10 online job sites in Kenya.

With the increasing number of unemployed people, finding work in Kenya has become a near-impossible task. There are Job search techniques which  include Networking, print media, walk-in, Employment agencies, career and job fairs, social media, professional associations, notice boards, and even cold calling

You want to get that interview with a potential employer, leading to a job offer. Most posts at numerous institutions, on the other hand, are rarely publicized. As a result, it is up to the job seeker to look for work in this untapped labor market.

Before getting into the 10 online job sites in Kenya, read the top 10 essential qualities that every employers is looking for in employees in 2022.

The good thing is that Businesses and organizations are now choosing to post job advertisements on the internet rather than in daily newspapers, as practically everything has gone digital

With all the improvements in information, communication, and technology, it is now easier to find and apply for employment online.

Cabinet Secretary for ICT Joe Mucheru

Below is a list of 10 Online Job Sites In Kenya right now where you can land your dream job. 

1. Fuzu

Fuzu Job Portal, which began in Uganda, now has a Kenyan version that focuses on job possibilities for Kenyans. Fuzu is one of the best job sites where jobseekers can find the latest opportunities in Kenya and Africa. Job seekers are advised to set up and complete their profile and regularly check on newly available options. The site also offers other services such as resume revamping to increase hiring possibilities for job seekers. Here, one can browse for jobs by title and by state.

2. Career point Kenya

Explore new job opportunities on Career point Kenya. This site is easy to navigate, and jobseekers can also find the latest opportunity by filtering using categories. There are also articles on the site giving information and advice to job seekers, making sure that anyone looking for a job is well informed on various topics relating to careers.

3. Brighter Monday

Brighter Monday may be Kenya’s most prominent job portal. Kenyans and foreigners residing in Kenya may use the Bright Monday Job Portal to hunt down job opportunities near them. Some companies choose to hire via Brighter Monday, and here you will find a variety of jobs, and it is easy to filter according to job functions, locations, and industries. The site also requires jobseekers to complete their profiles to help them stand out and have a better chance in landing job offers. They also notify jobseekers about new opportunities when subscribed..

4.Corporate staffing Kenya

Corporate staffing Kenya is a recruiting firm that has been around for some time. They also have a website where the latest vacancies are posted daily. Here you will get other services like CV making, interview coaching, and articles offering guidance and advice to job seekers.

5. My job mag

This site has thousands of jobs updated for all job seekers. My job mag is a site that will most likely direct job seekers to other career sites as well as company sites where the vacancies are posted. Other advertisements will explain everything without leading you to a job source.

10 Online Job Sites In Kenya  
10 Online Job Sites In Kenya  

6. Kenya Moja Jobs

Although this is a site that mostly deals with news and entertainment, there is a beneficial segment for job seekers with a  list of the latest jobs from various career sites. The only feature found in Kenya Moja jobs is the links that direct the job seekers to vacancies posted on other sites. With such features job seekers are sure not to miss any important job postings.The site is straightforward.

7.Job web Kenya

Job web Kenya offers vacancies in all categories. Like the other sites, it posts the latest job vacancies daily, and there is an option of searching and filtering jobs according to job seekers preferences. The site also allows jobseekers to submit their resume, making it easy to apply for jobs of interest.

8. Kenyan career.com

Just like the other job sites, Kenyan career.com posts new job openings daily, is easy to navigate and makes it possible for job seekers to upload their resume to apply for some jobs directly.

9.Recours4 Kenya

Recours 4 Kenya is also a recruitment firm that offers different services, such as career coaching, professional resume making, cover letter writing among others. There are also job postings on their site daily.

10. Ajira.co.ke

Ajira is another excellent site where jobseekers can browse hundreds of jobs and find the best match. The site posts jobs ranging from freelance, full-time, internships, and part-time openings from all over Kenya.

All these job sites charge nothing to sign up. There are also many other job sites in Kenya where job seekers can browse for opportunities. Some of them include KYEOP, Public service commission, Ajira digital, to name but a few.

KYEOP is a transformational project that aims to empower the well-being of the youths in Kenya by equipping them with essential training, internships, and business grants opportunities. Ajira Digital mainly focuses on training interested parties on online work and later mentors them until they can land online jobs. Public Service commission advertises jobs within the public offices, shortlists, and even conducts interviews for suitable candidates. This site is best for internship opportunities but does not mean it is less important for individuals looking to advance their careers aiming for better positions. All these sites are easily accessible on the internet where one can apply from the comfort of their home and are also reliable job sites.

Other places where one can find posted job opportunities are social media sites. These sites include LinkedIn, famous for professional networks and job opportunities postings, and Facebook, where job seekers can find specific groups dedicated to job search and vacancies. There is alsoTelegram and some Instagram pages.

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