10 Creative Community Platforms for African Female Creatives
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Early this month we wrote about Top 10 ways to make money as a creative which relied heavily on one of the 10 creative community platforms for African Female Creatives, For Creative Girls.

In the article, we gave you the necessary steps you must make to make it in this creative industry and if you follow it, you are on your way to become a creative entrepreneur. Step 5 of our guide tells you to join a creative community as a essential job to meet like-minded creatives, get your first job, keep trends in the industry and make a name for yourself.

In this article, we will take you through various 10 creative community platforms for African Female creatives so you can be on your journey to achieve the above mentioned. So lets get to it.

We will be getting into these 10 creative community platforms for African Female Creatives.

  • 》African Artists’ Foundation 
  • 》F4AF
  • 》Legally Clueless
  • 》Fashionomics Africa 
  • 》MAWU 
  • 》50 MAWSP
  • 》Fine Art.gy
  • 》AWA
  • 》Sayaspora
  • 》Africacomicade 
  • For Creative Girls
  1. For Creative Girls

For Creative Girls is a a semi-educational platform that provides all the resources and channels the Female Creative (Content, Mentorship, Classes, Inspiration) needs to grow and be successful. 

In their own words,

We are a Social Enterprise that champions women engaged in the Creative world, showcasing them and inspiring upcoming female creatives to flourish. 

For Creative Girls

For Creative Girls is a platform for creatively courageous females, championing women engaged in the Creatives (Design, Arts, Music, Writing, Painting, Cooking etc), showcasing them and inspiring the aspiring female creatives to flourish.

2. African Artists’ Foundation

The platform was founded by Azu Nwagbogu which highlights the importance of investing in female artists, designers, and women in the arts and culture industries. The Female Artists’ Platform was created as a programme designed to help encourage, challenge and develop women interested in visual art, and provide opportunities. 

The Female Artists’ Platform aims to draw attention to female artists and designers living and working in Africa. The platform also helps  develop new talent, introduce new art forms, and highlight the diversity of women who are exploring ways to express themselves through visual art. 

It seeks to shed light on the role of the artist in African society, to create awareness around female creative expression, and address her underrepresentation in the  art community. 

African  Artists’ Foundation serves a significant role in art and academic communities through organizing art exhibitions, festivals, competitions, residencies, and workshops with the aim of unearthing and developing talent, creating societal awareness, and providing a platform to express creativity”,

Azu Nwagbogu.

3. Legally Clueless Podcast

Legally Clueless   is a weekly podcast by Kenyan media personality & social activist Adelle Onyango. The platform helps create a safe space for herself and others to authentically tell their stories. She often  documents her raw human journey as an evolving unapologetically African woman.

The podcast features #100AfricanStories, a segment where Africans from all over the world share authentic stories that let us into their world and their experiences.

“LegallyClueless provides Africans with agency over their own stories and the portrayal of Africa”, 

Adelle  Onyango.
10 Creative Community Platforms for African Female Creatives

4. Freestyle for Africa Foundation (F4AF)

This fun creative online platform  Was founded by Mansata Kurang and the platform facilitates the sharing of creative content while providing grants to educational, artistic and creative projects in Africa.

Young creatives  from around the continent can upload their creative talents in arts and music to help inspire and educate young children in Africa. The platform helps creatives by submitting their art and uploading it and all funds  are donated to young children to help them with their musical career. 

” Our  goal is to nurture young children and help them grow and develop their emotional intelligence and confidence. creatives should also dare to be different”.

Mansata Kurang

5. Fashionomics Africa

Fashionomics Africa is a platform of African Development Bank  Group (AfDB), it is an initiative for female entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. The platform also opened an opportunity for women  in the fashion industry to win some grant, equity-free funding for their business. 

The Fashionomics  has helped  foster the fashion industry in Africa as a lever to create jobs.”

There was a  total of $6,000 USD to be won for women in the value-chain of fashion Textile and Accessories”.


The platform’s objective is to stimulate regional integration, intra-African trade, entrepreneurship development and forge more equal societies.

6. MaWU Africa  

Mawu Africa  is a platform founded by  Nyambogo Jennifer and Pauline Kariuki. It uses  technology to expand opportunities in the creative and culture sectors across the continent and overcome the existing barriers. The platform helps connect artisans and creatives with consumers through their online marketplace. 

Mawu Africa is building  the online infrastructure  to enable the global trade of African creative culture outputs.Consumers and businesses across the continent can easily access a wide variety of culture items fromAfrican creatives

“Since I discovered the platform, it has  provided me with immense exposure  as an artisan and my work has become more encouraging and easier”.  

Stephene Mwangi

7. 6.50 Million Women African Speak

50 Million Women African Speak is a platform that helps creatives find information on finance, connections with markets,  connections with mentors and join communities of business women.

 The platform  has enabled creatives to find market access information. Their goal is to mpowering African entrepreneurs and creatives across the platform  and provide them with networking and business opportunities. 

The Ethiopian President and founder Sahle-Worke Zewde has launched the platform in Addis Ababa and urged  women to embrace it and use it to grow their businesses.

10 Creative Community Platforms for African Female Creatives

8. AWA Gallery

AWA Gallery was  Founded by Bintou N’Guessan. It is a platform that helps Empower African women  Artists  to sell their arts and make a living. The platform also contributes to the community and continent  at large by giving back. AWA Highlights and acknowledges African Women Artists  and encourages them  to own contemporary meaningful  pieces of arts.

“The platform helps to spotlight talented, smart, strong and creative   women. The platform promotes values that  empower African women artists from all across Africa.”

Bintou N’Guessan.

9. Sayaspora 

Sayaspora is a platform for young African women  worldwide. It was founded by Djamilla Toure, Rydia Sesay, Aurore Iradukunda, Shana Musimbe, and Dorra Bannouri. The platform has allowed many young women around the world to freely occupy online and offline spaces to express their truths

“Sayasporas  mission is to promote womens’ solidarity across borders. The media platform helps promote a positive image of women from the African diaspora. The art is a collection of African women to produce a better community”. 

Djamilla Toure

10. Africacomicade

Africacomicade is a creative  platform  in the digital market industry . It was founded by Oscar Michael after they discovered a gap in the tech industry in Africa. The platform will help promote game developments and promote the creative industry. 

“Africacomicade  helps  celebrate works of creatives and bring them into the spotlight by connecting them into various opportunities for collaboration,  skills, funding and jobs.”

Johana Riquier.

The  Creative industry is an emerging industry where independent digital entrepreneurs, creatives and content creators leverage their passion and creativity to build a following and monetise their digital skills. Through these platforms partnerships are formed where artists, public-interest technologists, policymakers, and activists creatively disrupt the status quo and reinvent the online world.

Through this article, we explored the lived experiences of African women creatives in digital platforms . It brought together artists, vloggers, illustrators, influencers and podcasters who are paving their path to create fierce, fun, meaningful, impactful and whimsical content that is  needed and always wanted. 

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